Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is fencing safe?


Extremely - We use plastic equipment so that our classes are very safe. The equipment is fully tested to CEN European safety standards and is specifically designed for use by young children. If your child decides to move on to metal fencing you'll be glad to know that fencing is statistically one of the safest olympic sports!


Q. What should my child wear?


Plastic fencing is very safe (see above), we ask that your child come dressed with a long-sleeved top, long tracksuit bottoms and trainers.


Q. Do they need to bring anything with them?


We advise that they bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.


Q. How old does my child need to be?


If your child is in P1 or above then they are welcome to come and learn to fence - there is a large focus on games that develop technical skills rather than specific technical coaching for the younger children. Unfortunately, children younger than P1 are unlikely to have the physical development and/or the concentration necessary for a class.


Classes are usually split P1-P3, P4-P7 & S1-S2 although this may vary depending on school.

More Questions?


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