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Plastic Fencing is an excellent way to get your children into fencing. It is a safe and fun activity that will teach your child many skills.


ActiFence aims to encourage your children to enjoy sport in a fun , challenging and safe environment.


Sport has been shown to help children's development by:

  • Teaching them how to focus their energy
  • Improve confidence
  • Help with their co-ordination, speed and agility
  • Improve interaction and social skills
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • ​Help to relieve stress


Fencing is a unique sport that requires mental agility and physical athleticism. It is both a team and individual sport, which appeals to a variety of different personalities. We hope your child will enjoy fencing as much as everyone involved in ActiFence!


Warm Up

The time we take to warm up our bodies to help prevent injury but also to improve our Physical Literacy. This is the foundation to any sport and it can also be very fun!


They say you need to practice things 10,000 times before you master them - maybe that's true, maybe it isn't - 'Skills' is when we take the time to learn new techiques that we can use in our fencing matches.


Now we're ready to put what we've learnt into practice. Time to let off some steam. Time to fence.


This is how we improve. We give feedback about what we did well and what we need to aim for next time.


ActiFence is founded by 2014 Commonwealth Team Gold Medalist Michelle (née Guarino) Johnston. It is founded on a principle of high quality coaching delivered in a safe and fun environment. The hope is that ActiFence will enable children who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to participate in fencing a chance to be active and part of a community. ActiFence has been developed for all children but one of its main aims is to encourage girls and those who struggle with mental health problems through sport. We hope to give individuals confidence in themselves and their abilities as well as providing a friendly community to be a part of.

ActiFence only allows fully qualified coaches to work with children. This means that they have completed their sports specific coaching qualifications and are also:

  • Members of the PVG scheme (Protection of Vunerable Groups)
  • Have completed courses in Safeguarding and Protection of Children
  • Have completed Emergency First Aid (At Work or In Sport)
  • Have accepted British Fencing's Coaching Code of Conduct


Assistant coaches and volunteers will always work under the supervision of a fully qualified coach and will undergo PVG checks prior to coming into contact with children.

ActiFence is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Charity No. SC047111.

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